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Q. Why should I order from Custom Paper Café?

We serve authentic Custom Term Papers, Book Reports, Essays, Thesis/Dissertations, etc., in all formats, written independently for students of all academic levels. Our papers are designed and priced to assist students in their academic careers. Custom Paper Café guarantees to serve all your topics and requirements, within deadlines. Every Custom Paper Order receives individual consideration by a qualified member of our writing team, thereby ensuring that all your specifications are met.

Q. What are your writing capabilities and qualifications?
Custom Paper Café specializes in custom writing primarily for students. We provide round the clock assistance for students of all levels and academic fields. Our writing capabilities are backed by experienced and skilled writers, researchers and editors.

Q. Can you write on all types and formats of assignments?
Custom Paper Café provides assistance for all types of term papers, book reports, essays, thesis, dissertations and more. Our writers are well-educated and skilled in writing for numerous academic and scholastic fields. (All custom papers come with free bibliography, endnotes, footnotes, etc, if requested).

Q. What if my assignment topic is highly specific in nature? Will you be able to find the relevant information and texts to write on it?
No topic is too specific or out of the ordinary for our team of writers. This is because we are connected to the best virtual and contemporary libraries. Excellent researchers, who have access to the best libraries, provide the writers with requisite information shortly after you order.

Q. Can you write using different types of referencing formats?
Different kinds of assignments require different referencing styles. Your assignment will be referenced according to your requirements and if you don’t choose one, it will be referenced according to the relevant style used for such assignments. Our writers are conversant with all the formats used for the various kinds of assignments required.

Q. What languages can you write in?
Currently the basic language used for writing your assignments is English.

Q. Will the assignment be plagiarized?
We have strict rules against plagiarism and none of our writers has ever been found resorting to such acts, solely due to the fact that we are a highly ethical team of people. All your assignments are freshly and individually written for each customer and never used again.

Q. How soon can I receive my custom written paper? What kind of deadlines do you offer?
We have various deadline offers with a limit of order size for each deadline. The shortest deadline is of two days (limited to an order size of 15 pages or 3750 words). You can also order a deadline of four days (limited to an order size of 30 pages or 7500 words). We also have a deadline of seven days (limited to an order size of 50 pages or 12500 words).
Additionally we have a deadline of more than seven days (with no limit to order size).

Q. How will I receive my custom written paper?
Your paper will be mailed (as a Microsoft Word attachment) to the email address you will provide when ordering. (Please make sure that your spam-filter on your email inbox is turned off or switched to a low setting, to ensure timely delivery of your paper).

Q. Can I submit the assignment I receive from you site as my own?
Using our service to use these assignments with your name on the top is definitely out of the question. We provide only model papers which are the property of Custom Paper Café. We do advise you to use these model papers as a starting point and expand upon the information contained there-in to arrive at a totally individual assignment.

Q. What is the ordering procedure?
We have a very simple order procedure, starting with an order form where you will input your requirements and personal information, and then proceed to a payment confirmation page. Once you pay we receive your order form and our team starts work on your assignment immediately.

Q. How can I pay for my order? Is making payments online secure?
You can use any one of the major credit cards to confirm your order on a webpage hosted by 2Checkout. (2Checkout verifies and authorizes payment from your credit card to Custom Paper Café). You will be prompted to make your payment confirmation on their webpage, secured by state of the art technology. We do not receive any of your credit card information and advise you not to send us any in any of your email correspondence with us.

Q. How can I avail the various discounts mentioned on your site? How many pages should I order to receive the discount?
We have a discount of up to $200 in every deadline category. You can avail this discount in any deadline category if you order the maximum number of pages limited to that category.
(For example: Every page after 7th page is free till the 15th page for the two day delivery. Every page after the 20th page is free till the 30th page for the four day delivery. Every page after the 36th page is free till the 50th page for the seven day delivery).

Q. Are there any hidden charges? Do I receive any complimentary service with my assignment?
There are no hidden charges or additional fee for anything. We charge a flat rate for writing your paper according to the deadline category and number of pages required. Along with your assignment you will receive a free title page, bibliography, endnotes, footnotes and other references.

Q. How can I contact Custom Paper Café?
You can contact us by making use of our customer support form and a member of our support team will get back to you within the same day.

Q. Do you provide 24 hour customer support even after I order?
We provide 24 hour customer support, regardless of the fact that you order from us or not. If you have ordered with us we will get back to you within a few hours to ensure that your paper progresses without any hindrances and all your requirements are incorporated.

Q. Can I contact the writer working on my assignment and check the status of my paper?
Make use of our contact form and input your Transaction Id (received from the 2Checkout page after you complete your order process) and the writer working on your assignment will get back to you within a few hours with the status of the paper.

Q. Do you offer a quality assurance guarantee?
Strict work ethics and a cognitive approach to providing customer satisfaction bind our staff members to quality in all aspects of our work. Getting Quality right comes before everything else. If not satisfied with your assignment you can always request a free revision to your paper.

Q. Can I have my money back if not satisfied with your service?
Sorry, but your money may not be refunded. Every assignment goes through the hands of various experts who put in his/her time and efforts in the formulation of that paper. You may however request numerous revisions to your paper as long as all your requirements are not met.

If you any questions/queries which have not been answered by the above, we would like to hear from you. Please make use of our customer support form and we will get back to you within a day at most.

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